Industry Custom Dashboard

The dashboard gives a quick overview of all your projects, messages, notifications and requests –  is the hub of your communication.  At a glance you can see how many projects have been submitted to all First Nations, how many are currently under review or require additional information.  You always know what the consultation expanse is going to be.  You can archive or cancel projects or even schedule them for submission in the future. No more printing, no more expansive curriers and boxes or papers to ship, no more follow up calls – with IRM you always know when your project has been looked at and reviewed.

Dashboard Features

All Your Projects

IRM keeps track of all your projects, requests, documents and maps.  At a glance you can see the status of all the submitted projects for consultation:

  • Reviewed projects requiring attention
  • Project Drafts
  • Project currently under review
  • Approved projects
  • Archived projects
  • Cancelled projects

Project submission - easier than printing!

You can submit a project and get a confirmation in less than a minute.  Simply drag and drop your documents including shape files.  You will get a visual confirmation of your submission.  The moment the project is opened by the First Nation you will get a notification that someone is already working on it. It is that simple!

Project Maps

With a click of a button you can filter out your projects or see them all on one map.  Any project can be viewed in detail right off the map.

Fully in Control

IRM gives you full access and control.  From creating your own accounts and granting them access rights.  You can elect to use a two step authentication process for increased security – you are always in control.  Need help?  We have a built in FAQ page and a help desk too!

IRM Benefits

Pay As You Go

No expensive licensing, no up front costs, unlimited access from anywhere you can connect to the internet with unlimited accounts, and if you don’t use it, you don’t pay.


Save time, money and resources with instant access and tracking of all your projects.  No more guessing if your package has been picked up and open, with IRM you will know instantly.


Always know where your project is at and what is required with up to the minute notifications either by email or SMS or both – you decide.

Even when you are not working IRM is working for you


Manage all of your projects across Canada from one single application on any connected device.


Encrypted data and communication, electronic payments, feature requests, and help desk just in case you need it.  Need something special, we can help, the application is very flexible.

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