Indigenous People Custom Dashboard

The Dashboard gives a quick overview of all your projects, messages, notifications and requests.  Projects are automatically monitored so you never miss a deadline. There is also a widget to keep track of your projected monthly revenue!

Dashboard Features

Active Projects

IRM keeps track of all your projects, requests, documents and maps.  You can view, edit and request project changes and updates from anywhere you are connected to the internet.

Project TLU Overlays

If you import your TLU’s the system will automatically generate project maps with customized thresholds so you can easily tell what impact the project will have on your community.  You can view all documents, request updates and engage in consultation without touching a single piece of paper. Don’t worry we keep track of all updates, revisions, requests, documents maps and changes, so you don’t have to.

Fully Customized Control

IRM gives you full access and control.  From creating your own accounts and granting them access rights, to custom invoicing, TLU management and notifications – just to name few.

All About TLUs

If you have TLU’s we can help you import them.  If you don’t have TLU’s we can help you make them. Each TLU point is custom made and detailed.  From a single pin drop to a designated area or a pin radius – you are always fully in control and only you have access to your own TLU points – ever!

IRM Benefits


Access full software with no start up costs. Connect from anywhere on any smart device.


View map overlays, project documentation, track progress, review accounting and finalize consultation


Fully customizable SMS and email notification and in app chat.

Even when you are not working IRM is working for you


Create multiple accounts with managed access and to step authorization for increased security.


Add and manage your TLU points with a click of a button on your computer or mobile device.

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