Consultation and Project Management Software

What is IRM?

INDIGENOUS RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is a unique, cloud based, consultation and project management software developed by First Nations for First Nations.  It was designed and developed with leading industry and government partners.  It works great on your PC, laptop or a mobile device.  With IRM you can: submit projects, review them, see instant map overlays with TLUs, look at your accounting and keep track of all deadlines and requests.  IRM gives you instant control and capacity.  What used to take weeks and months and boxes of papers can now be securely done in minutes anywhere you can connect to the internet.  It really is that simple!

Indigenous Peoples

First Nations desire to take charge of their natural resource development and sound environmental stewardship is the driving force behind IRM.


Vastly improved communication and immense time and resource savings is beneficial to all parties involved.


Active participation in the consultation process can be productive and beneficial to all with little involvement and guidance from the government agancies.

Alberta made Information Management Software designed to Enhance Indigenous Community, Industry and Government Engagement and Relations

Consultation done right – the first time